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WCTR is a Talk Radio station in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas and GTA V. There is many radio shows on the station meaning many hosts. In GTA SA, the station is located in San Fierro and in GTA V it is located in Vinewood, los Santos. It is owned by Gun store Ammu-Nation. In the GTA V game, WCTR can only be listened to in the Los Santos County area, as when you go to Blaine County you go across the broadcasting range.

Track Listings Edit

Due to it being a talk radio station it has no actual tracks, though it has many shows worth listing.

GTA San Andreas (1992)

Yo mammammas

Logo in 1992 (GTA SA)

WCTR News: Up to date news on the in-game state of San Andreas.

The Tight End Zone:Sports News

The Wild Traveller: Travel and Tips Program

Entertaining America: A Talk show hosted by Lazlow

Gardening with Maurice: A Gardening Show with Host as Maurice

I Say/You Say: Political Debate Radio show

Lonely Hearts: Relationship Advice Show

Area 53:A show dedicated to Conspiracy and UFO sightings.



GT SA show

GTA V (2013)

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By this point there is not as many shows.

Chattershpere: A Talk show hosted by Lazlow Jones

Chakra Attack: A talk show that takes a west coast approach to spirituality. Hosted by Dr. Ray De Angelo Harris with producer Nurse Cheryl Fawkes.

The Fernando Show: A talk show hosted by Fernando Martinez and producer Jo that mainly consists of an interview with Sue Murry.

Grand Theft Auto 5 - West Coast Talk Radio - Full Radio Station

Grand Theft Auto 5 - West Coast Talk Radio - Full Radio Station

GTA V Show

Trivia Edit

  • On WCTR Michelle Minx says that WCTR Broadcasts for "all of Los Santos and Blaine County" even though if you drive out of Los Santos to Blaine County the station will tune out.
  • Gardening with Maurice was referenced for the first time in GTA III during the Chatterbox FM segment, when a caller talks about turnips and rooted vegetables and how Lazlow said "that's on later", but then the caller mentions he has been taken off the air. This could mean that Gardening with Maurice was once part of LCFR between 1998 and 2001.
  • Of the shows in GTA V, only one episode ends "naturally" (The first Chakra Attack episode), as the others end with someone either having a breakdown or storming off.
  • In San Andreas' Area 53 show, a caller claims he was put in solitary confinement for being able to launch nuclear missiles by whistling into a phone. This is a reference to Kevin Mitnick, an infamous computer hacker who was in fact put in solitary confinement because the judge thought he could start a nuclear war by whistling into a payphone.