Vladivostok FM is Russian Music Station in Grand Theft Auto IV and Episodes from Liberty City. It's slogan is "Post-communist community radio to rock the Eastern bloc." It is named after the Russian city of Vladivostok. Ruslana Lyzhychko was the original DJ, but is now replaced with "DJ Paul". Vladivostok FM is based on WNYZ-LP in New York City.

Track Listings Edit

GTA IV (2008)

Kino - "Группа крови" [Gruppa Krovi / Blood Group] (1988)

Marakesh - "Ждать" [Zhdat / To Wait] (2006)

Zveri - "Квартира" [Kvartira / The Flat] (2006)

Seryoga - "King Ring" (2005)

Seryoga - "Liberty City: The Invasion" [Вторжение] (2008)

Splean - "Линия жизни" [Liniya Zhizni / Lifeline] (2000)

Basta - "Мама" [Mama / Mother] (2006)

Leningrad - "Никого не жалко" [Nikogo ne Zhalko / A Pity for No One] (2002)

Ranetki Girls - "О тебе" [O Tebe / About You] (2006)

Dolphin - "РЭП" [Rap] (2008)

Glukoza - "Швайне" [Schweine / Pigs in German] (2005)

Ruslana - "Wild Dances" Ukranian FM Version (2004)

Oleg Kvasha - "Зеленоглазое такси" Club Remix [Zelenoglazoe Taksi / Green Eyed Taxi] (2007)

Vladivostok FM (IV)

Vladivostok FM (IV)


GTA TBOGT and GTA TL&D (2008) Broadcasted Live from Bahama Mamas.

David Morales feat. Lea-Lorien - "How Would U Feel" (2004)

Steve Mac - "Lovin' You More" (Freemasons Vocal Club Mix) (2005)

Sucker DJs - "Salvation" (eSQUIRE Mix) (2008)

Stonebridge (feat. Therese) - "Put 'Em High" (JJ's Club Mix) (2004)

Marly - "You Never Know" (Morjac Extended Mix) (2004)

Shape: UK - "Lola's Theme" (2003)

Freemasons feat. Amanda Wilson - "Love on My Mind" (2005)

Soulsearcher - "Can't Get Enough" (1998)

Michael Gray - "The Weekend" (2004)

Jonathan Peters feat. Maya Azucena - "Music" (2005)

J Majik & Wickaman - "Crazy World" (Fonzerelli Mix) (2008)

Booty Luv - "Boogie 2Nite" (Seamus Haji Big Love Mix) (2006)

Hook N Sling - "The Best Thing" (2008)

Eric Prydz - "Pjanoo" (Club Mix) (2008)

David Guetta feat. Kelly Rowland - "When Love Takes Over" (2009)

Vladivostok FM \ Bahama Mamas Club Songs - GTA IV EFLC FULL RADIO TUNE! HQ!

Vladivostok FM \ Bahama Mamas Club Songs - GTA IV EFLC FULL RADIO TUNE! HQ!


Deleted Songs Edit

According to the soundtrack disc of the station, the following songs were meant to appear, but were cut for Unknown reasons:

  • Max Lorens – "Схожу с ума" (Shozhu s uma / Going Crazy)
  • Quest Pistols – "Мама" (Mama / Mother)
  • Dyshi – "Взгляни на небо" (Vzglyani na nebo / Look on the Sky)

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Trivia Edit

  • In EFLC, Vladivostok FM is commercial free and is a mix station. However in the original GTA IV it is a dynamic station, so it plays commercials and Weazel News.
  • The file containing the new EFLC mix is listed as "EuroDANCE FM", which may suggest that at one point the mix was meant to appear on its own station, rather than on Vladivostok FM.