Vice City Public Radio, or VCPR is a Talk Radio Station in GTA Vice City Stories, and GTA Vice City, which take place in 1986 and 1984. Despite the name, apparently it broadcasts nationwide. In GTA Vice City a man named Chavez hosts the only show on at the time "Pressing Issues". VCPR is a public show and relies on Donations, showing a link with similarities with the real life radio, NPR (National Public Radio). In Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories, VCPR features a variety of radio programs that satirize American culture, such as Bait and Switch, in which features vietnam war veteran rednecks, and New World Order, which satirizes bellicose racists, The Time Ranger, which shows typical American hypocrisy, and Gordon Moorehead Rides Again, satirizes American hypocrisy during the cold war. Just like LCFR in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories, VCPR would move on to feature just one show by 1986 - Pressing Issues. Like 1986, the chatter and pledge drives are still run by Freeloader and Montanius, after many major missions VNN news will interupt any radio show to play the news.

Track Listings Edit

Due to it Being a Talk Radio station, it has no tracks, but we do have the full radio station for both games. GTA VCS (1984)




GTA III (1986)

GTA Vice City Radio Comedy (VCPR)

GTA Vice City Radio Comedy (VCPR)

GTA Vice City

Trivia Edit

  • In the revised edition on the PC, VCPR has lower quality than the other Vice City radio stations.