The bloooi

The Blood 106.66 FM is a hardcore punk rock station in Saints Row 3 in Steelport. It was very similar to The Krunch 106.66 FM in Stilwater. Since it does not appear in Saints Row IV it must have shut down by 2011. It is hosted by "John John".

Track Listings Edit

Saints Row 3

"Suicide Jag" by Chemlab (1993)

"Berzerker" - After the Burial

"Runes To My Memory" - Amon Amarth

"Obfuscation" - Between the Buried and Me

"Perfect Weapon" - Black Veil Brides

"Feel Like I Do" - Drowning Pool

"Apocalyptic Havoc" - Goatwhore

"Regurgitated Disinformation" - Job For A Cowboy


"Arma-Goddamn-Motherfuckin-Geddon" - Marilyn Manson

"Divinations" - Mastodon

"Apologies Are for the Weak" - Miss May I

"The Lotus Eater" - Opeth

"Rise Rebel Resist" - Otep

"Misanthropy Pure" - Shai Hulud

"Love?" - Strapping Young Lad

"Necropolis" - The Black Dahlia Murder

"Farewell Mona Lisa" - The Dillinger Escape Plan

"Slow Revolution" - Tugboat

"Engine Wrecks" - You Love Her Coz She's Dead

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Trivia Edit

  • The Host "John John" sounds very mentally disabled and happy, made to be humorous, as this is the opposite of the Station's Genre.