Sizzurp 101.69 FM is a Radio station in Saints Row 1 and 2. In Saints Row 1 it's DJ is DJ Irie. On Saints Row 2, it cannot be listened to, though it's ads do appear meaning the station still exists in 2008, and means it was most likely originally going to be featured. The station plays old-school hip-hop.

Track Listings Edit

Saints Row (2006)

Aisha - Bounce Like My Checks

Aisha - DFM Like I'm Your Wife

Aisha - Leave The Ho

Al Gator - Good With The #'s

Biz Markie - Pickin' Boogers

Black Milk - Danger

Black Sheep - Flavor Of The Month

Clipse - Grindin

Eric B. and Rakim - I Ain't No Joke

Likwit Junkies - Keep Doin It

Masta Killa - Digi Warfare

Mathematics - Spot Lite ft. Wu Tang Clan

Mathematics - Two Shots Of Henny

MC Lyte - Paper Thin

MHE Ghostface feat. Trife - Milk 'Em

Planet Asia feat. Prodigy - Stick and Move

RA The Rugged Man - Black and White

Three 6 Mafia featuring Trillville and Lil Wyte - Who I Is?

Trivia Edit

  • In real life 101.69 FM could not exist, it would have to be simply 101.6 in-game.
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