This "radio station" is for randomtube, mostly just for me, but it is here if you like. It plays Country and Country rock songs which transfer over from Halofan 11.1 FM Radio. It plays songs mostly orientated on Outlaw and truck driving. Also it is based in Atlanta. The link is:[1]. The station's frequency is 99.8 FM.

Track Listings Edit

  • Johnny Cash-The General Lee
  • Jerry Reed-Amos Moses
  • Willie Nelson-Whiskey River
  • Conway Twitty-Louisiana Woman, Missisipi Man
  • Waylon Jennings-Ain't Livin' Long like this
  • Jerry Reed-The Legend
  • Jerry Reed-East Bound and Down
  • Waylon Jennings-Sure Hank didn't do it this way
  • The Highwaymen-Highwayman
  • Johnny Paycheck-It won't be Long
  • Sideways Hank O'Malley-The Ballad of Capped lipped Calquhoun
  • Jerry Reed-Georgia Sunshine
  • Jerry Reed-Mule Skinner Blues
  • Seasick Steve Green-Big Green and Yeller
  • Johnny Cash-Big Iron (Marty Robbins)
  • Lost Weekend Western Swing Band-In the Shadow of the Valley
  • John Stewart-Ticket for the Wind
  • Red Simpson-Diesel Smoke
  • Jerry Reed-You took all the Ramblin' outta me
  • Johnny Cash-One peice at a Time
  • Red Simpson- Born to be a Trucker
  • Red Simpson-Different breed of cowboy
  • Rhett Atkins-Drivin' my life away
  • Lynard Skynard-Truck Drivin' Man
  • Aaron Lewis-The Road
  • Tim Mcgraw-How bad do you want it
  • Merle Haggard-Big Wheels Rollin'

Trivia Edit

  • The Song Big green and yeller was going to be added when the station was made, but for some reason transferred from Halofan FM much Later than the rest. Also, the songs Different breed of Cowboy, Drivin' My life away, Truck drivin' man, The Road. Big wheels Rollin' , and How bad do you want it are Exclusively on this station and were not originally on Halofan FM.