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LCFR (Liberty City Free Radio) is a Radio station in Grand Theft Auto:Liberty City Stories. It plays a few Talk Radio series. It is Headquartered in Bedford Point, Liberty City. Sinc eit does not appear in GTA III, it was most likely cancelled between 1998 and 2001.

Track Listings Edit

Due to it being Talk Radio, it has no tracks, but there is a wide range of Talk shows on the Station.

Chatterbox:A Radio station also on Chatterbox FM and WCTR, this is a Tlk show hosted by usually rejected host, Lazlow.

Heartland Values with Nurse Bob: A Talk show parodying Dr.Phil.

Breathing World: A spiritual Enlightenment Show.

Coq O Vin: A show wrongfully insulting Western Values and were the host mutilates live Animals.

News:Regular up to date news broadcasts in the game, some on the events in the game's story.

GTA LCS - Liberty City Free Radio

GTA LCS - Liberty City Free Radio


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Trivia Edit

  • The abbreviation "LCFR" is a reference to Lucifer, a biblical figure regarded as the Devil in some branches of Christianity.
  • The LCFR logo on the game's promotional website bears a resemblence to the former logo used by the BBC between 1971 and 1988.