Enclave Radio is radio station in Fallout 3 based in the former Washington D.C. It broadcasts from the area known as Raven Rock. It is hosted by 2277 President, John Henry Eden and airs patriotic music, as well as President Eden's "frank discussions" and "chats" as well as "inspirational quotes". The Enclave has dispatched a number of eyebots to ensure that citizens without a radio can hear the broadcasts. This station is the first one the player hears in-game. The radio station will become inactive if a certain mission is completed which involves destroying Raven Rock. It is one of the most popular Wasteland stations only beat out by Galaxy News Radio.

Track Listings Edit

Fallout 3 (2277)

  • Samuel Ward- America the Beautiful
  • Julia Ward Howe- The Battle Hymn of the Republic
  • Dan Emmet- Dixie
  • Philip Phile- Hail,Columbia
  • US Marines- Marines Hymn
  • John Philip Sousa- The Stars and Stripes forever
  • John Philip Sousa- The Washington Post
  • Richard Shuckburgh- Yankee Doodle
Fallout 3 (Enclave Radio) Full Channel

Fallout 3 (Enclave Radio) Full Channel

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  • The organization that runs it is called "The Enclave".