Empire Central Radio (ECNR) is a radio station seen in Mafia II, which takes place both in 1946 and 1951. It is hosted by Richard Foxberry. By 1951 he has changed his Radio Persona to "Rockin' Ricky Fox". The station is also Pro-Republican. It mainly plays Big Band music during the 1940s segment and then more mainstream pop/rock during the 1950s portion. In the 50s, the music is anachronistic–while the 50s portion of the game is purported to take place in 1951, rock and roll music didn't become popular until the mid-50s, and much of the music played on the station ranges from mid-to-late 50s, with a couple of songs even coming from the early 60s. All of the songs, today would be known as Oldies. This radio station is the only one in mafia II with a Known Logo.

Track Listings Edit

Mafia II (1946 Segment)

Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy

Rum and Coca Cola

Straighten Up and Fly Right

Strip Polka

Hot Time in the Town of Berlin

Victory Polka

I Haven't Time to Be a Millionaire

Pennies From Heaven

I've Got a Pocketful of Dreams

The Pessimistic Character

The Dipsy Doodle

Rusty Draper

Held for Questioning

It Don't Mean a Thing

Sing, Sing, Sing


Praise the Lord and Pass the Ammunition

Happiness is a Thing Called Joe

Why Don't You Do Right

Let It Snow

Baby It's Cold Outside

Buttons and Bows

Mafia II (1951 Segment)



Mr Sandman

C'mon Everybody

Summertime Blues


Not Fade Away

Oh Boy!

That'll Be the Day

At The Hop

Chop Chop Boom


Forty Miles of Bad Road

Movin' N' Groovin'

Rebel Rouser

All I Have to Do is Dream

Bye Bye Love

Come Softly to Me

Rock Around the Clock

Don't Let Go

You Can Have Her

Rave On

Rip It Up

I'm Not a Juvenile Delinquent

Why Do Fools Fall In Love

Blue Suede Shoes

Book of Love

Stood Up

Teen Beat

Come On Let's Go


Money (That's What I Want)

That's Why (I Love You So)

Mafia II Empire Central Radio FULL

Mafia II Empire Central Radio FULL