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Blaine County Talk Radio (BCTR) is a talk radio station only available in the Blaine County area, It is replaced by WCTR if you go back to Los Santos. It was founded in 1998, this is a reference to GTA :Liberty City Stories. The station is not targetted to any party in particular but is noticeably leaning to the Conservative side. The frequency is 96.5 FM.

Track Listings Edit

There is a broad selection of Program, though on one (Bless your Heart), there is 1 song featured:

I Like Things Just The Way They Are - Samantha Muldoon(2013)

  • Bless Your Heart: Cooking and Talk Show hosted by Bobby June.
  • Blaine County Radio Community Hour: Hosted by Ron Jakowski, were he talks about conspiracy and random topics.
  • Beyond Insemination: Farming Talk show hosted by Duane Earl.
The full station-2

The full station-2




Trivia Edit

  • The GTA V Protagonist "Trevor Phillips" appears to ignore this station completely, most likely because Ron Jakowski is on the station, which his Annoying "Employee".