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Alchemist is a Hip-Hop radio station in Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars. All the songs have been made by Gangrene, a collaboration between The Alchemist and Oh No.

Track Listings Edit

GTA Chinatown (2009)

Gangrene - "The Lost One"

Gangrene - "Haha"

Gangrene - "Assassin"

Gangrene - "Crimerate"

Gangrene - "Future Trains"

Gangrene - "Clubster"

Gangrene - "The Thirst"

Gangrene - "Quick Jux"

Gangrene - "Crack"

Gangrene - "Tight"

Radios GTA - Alchemist (Download Link)

Radios GTA - Alchemist (Download Link)

GTA Chinatown Wars

Trivia Edit

  • This is the favorite radio station of the Midtown Gangsters, Irish-American Killers and the Spanish Lords.
  • It appears that Alchemist and Oh No moved to Los Santos, circa 2013, making this station the chronological predecessor to a similar station in GTA V.